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About Dr. Sarah Shell


WHO is Dr. Shell? 
Dr. Shell was born and raised in Vancouver, Canada. She earned a B.S in Neuroscience at the University of Omaha-Nebraska while actively competing in MMA fights across the US. She continued on to complete 4-years of medical school in Arizona, during which time she gave birth to two daughters, back-to-back! Dr. Shell’s journey has instilled a deep appreciation for the importance of optimal health in order to achieve balance and live our best life. 

WHAT does Dr. Shell do? 

Dr. Sarah Shell is an integrative primary care physician with a passion to help men and women to achieve optimal health. She has a special focus on naturopathic medicine, hormone optimization (including thyroid/adrenals), women’s health, weight loss, hair restoration and medical aesthetics. As a specialist in integrative medicine, Dr. Shell combines the best of conventional medicine (lab testing, imaging, diagnosis, and pharmaceuticals) with alternative medicine (nutrition, herbs, supplements, IV therapy and lifestyle), and provides unparalleled care from what you might expect from a doctor’s appointment.
Every new patient receives comprehensive lab work that is billed through insurance (affordable cash pay options are available, too). Dr. Shell enjoys taking the time to thoroughly interpret lab results for patients so that they fully understand their diagnosis and symptoms, the best lab range to be in for each value and how to achieve it. 
Dr. Shell’s treatments are targeted, effective and specific for each patient. There is no one size fits all treatment for proactive and preventative medicine because everything is being addressed. This includes hormones (sex hormones, thyroid, adrenals), heart health, diabetes, inflammatory factors, nutrient status/vitamin deficiencies, immune function, autoimmune screening, chronic infections, etc. True optimal wellness requires a physician to order comprehensive labs, provide thorough interpretation and a customized treatment plan.
WHY might I need Dr. Shell?
Even if you think you’re healthy, are you really? Dr. Shell knows from personal and clinical experience that in order to obtain optimal wellness, comprehensive lab work must be assessed and addressed. Life, in general, takes an insidious toll on our health and the solution should not be guessed at.  
Dr. Shell understands the high demands of balancing a work, social and family life. Our own health often takes a back seat and Dr. Shell hopes to be one of your biggest motivators in your path to self-appreciation and wellness. Experience the difference a committed, compassionate and thorough physician can make in your life.